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Mold Testing in Carrollton, Texas

The presence of mold in your home reduces your chances to live a healthy life. Fixing this requires the expertise of specialists who offer mold testing services.

Indoor mold hurts family members if not treated in a timely way. It can cause symptoms and health concerns, even for people with no allergies. Asthma patients are even more vulnerable as indoor molds affect respiration.

Moisture serves perfectly for mold growth within your home. These molds seek out damp areas to thrive. Your laundry room, basement, and kitchen are spots you should keep in mind when looking to identify molds. Our experts would first determine the moisture level with our mold test meter if contracted and then decide what to do. The end goal is to bring happiness back to your family and environment.

How do I know I need mold testing?

Mold testing is important, not just because of the health risks attached to molds, but because it will have a bad effect on your property and start to break down the building materials themselves.

There are more signs to look out for in determining the need for mold testing services - these include:

  • An overwhelming musty odor in your home. This odor signifies mold, thus helping you identify it even when hidden.
  • Flood or water leakages leave slimy and dark surfaces on your wall after some time. These surfaces give the molds room to grow and spread.

The above list should guide you in inspecting your home for molds. You might have seen a leak before without giving thought to where else the water got to and what - now is the time, however, to acquire the services of a top-notch mold testing company in Carrollton, Texas, like Tulip Carpet Cleaning Carrollton.

Sometimes mold testing can be challenging (especially when done in parallel with the water damage restoration process), and to this effect, our experts employ the safest techniques when working. Our full apparel includes safety gear to prevent direct contact with the mold.

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Is our mold treatment service for you?

Texas is home to many black mold testing companies; however - many of these fall short of the mark when key factors are considered. Some of these factors include experience in the industry, cost of service, and safety measures applied. Tulip Carpet Cleaning Carrollton has been performing mold testing for many years, at fair prices and with safety at the foremost of our minds. These reasons, with the reasons listed below, are why you should choose us.

  • Expertise: Our specialists have received extensive training and have been in the field for years, thus gaining reliable experience dealing with molds.
  • Eco-friendly: Our methods are not damaging to the environment around you. We gather samples from your home and take them back to our mold testing laboratory, where extensive tests are carried out to get the information needed to decide how to treat your home for mold.

We set the highest priority on giving our customers the best service possible, with superior availability. Nowhere is this more important than with mold testing. To make sure we are always providing the best service and response times to our customers, we have partnered with O2 Mold Testing in the Dallas area. We are confident that this partnership will help us better serve all of our customers.

Do I need to remove all areas affected by mold?

Often, in the quest to not spend a lot, people try to tackle mold problems on their own or acquire the service of a company that offers patchy mold testing service. Air circulation is one of the easiest means for mold to spread and affect other materials, so it's not enough to treat the visible areas. All affected areas have to be treated diligently for your home to be truly remediated.

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Size is not a problem for us - regardless of how big or small your mold issue is, we have the right hands to deliver the quality mold testing services you desire. Call us on 469-557-1515 today to request a free estimate.

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